Additional Director

Tarun Sharma is a development professional with specialization in the field of project planning, monitoring, advocacy and implementation with over 15 years of experience working across government, and non-profit sectors. Starting his career as Translator with SWRC, Tiloniya, he became a Health Coordinator For RMKM for 2 years and bagged promotions on the pathway of development professional.

Deeply passionate about inclusive education reforms, social innovation and Training Development, he became team lead in Community Based Rehabilitation program at RMKM, Ajmer for the period of 8 years. Tarun Sharma has completed his Master in Sociology with B.Ed from the MDS University, Ajmer. He was awarded for his work in the areas of education reforms, social innovation and organizing Bal Mela. At present, Tarun Sharma is working on the position of Additional Director, Education & Inclusion at RMKM, Ajmer.