The objective of RMKM’s livelihood programmes is to empower the socially deprived, especially women, through education, awareness building, natural resource management, health education, capacity building and microcredit programmes.

(I) Goat-Based livelihood Enhancement Program

Economic help of Jamshed Ji Tata Trust, Mumbai and technical help of The Goat trust, Lucknow Goat-Based livelihood Enhancement Program is running from August 2012 in 5 villages of Silora block.

Pashu Sakhi (Animal Friend) : Pashu Sakhi is the core essence of this program, who maintain a communication between rears of goats and organization. By the help of The Goat trust, Lucknow we have trained Pashu Sakhis so that can understand about different parts of goat, fodder, handling, diseases and there treatment and how to identify their species/clan. We have given a First-Aid kit to all Pashu Sakhis.

Goat  Rearing Group (GRG) : We have build Goat Rearing Groups in 5 villages of our functional area and trained all group member and heads. Every month we organize a meeting of every group where we discusses de-worming, protection schemes, goat induction, Pashu Sakhi etc. to make goat rearing better.

Animal Health Camp : We have organized health camps in all 5 villages with help of Pashu Sakhi and Peravat. We have done Deworming of 705 goats and vaccination of 634 goats to decrease the chances of their death. By this program people get more knowledge about Pashu Sakhi and our program.

(II) Family Livelihood Reference Center (FLRC) Program

With the help of ARAVALI, Aaga Kha foundation and European union we have organized many program for poorest of poor families under Family Livelihood Reference Center. We have marked 180 families in 13 villages under Piglod, Thal and Nava Gram Panchayat for FLRC activity.

Community Based Saving Groups : 13 community based saving groups are created from 170 families. Before this program these families was not saving a single rupee, then they agree to save Rs. 10  per month and now they are saving at least Rs. 50-100  per month. Thourgh this program they have realized the value of saving money and cast discrimination is also decreased.

Support By Goat Unit : 5 goats are given to 10 poorest of poor with the life insurance of goat. We also trained these family for Goat rearing so that can get maximum benefit from it. Now they have milk at their home & their children growing healthy and their expenditure on buying milk product from out side has gone down and monthly 800-1200 Rs. getting.

(III) Micro- Finance Program

RMKM is running a self help program for women to give strength to women socially and economically. There are 2105 women working in 200 self help groups in 42 villages from Shree-nagar and Silora block. With the help of this saving amount they can get loan on low interest rate. When there is an emergency in family women can help by this amount and this will increase importance of women in family. we have connected self help groups on village level and created a a Lakshmi Kalash Mahila Federation. These groups are linked with federation so for small loans they don’t need to depend on bank. Meeting is organized on 29 of every month and women are informed about different programme to build their capacity.

SHGs Formed by RMKM

Total SHGs200
Beneficiaries2105 women
Area of operation42 villages
SavingsRs 1.28 Cores
Inter-loaningRs 2.05 Cores
Bank LoanRs 5.66 Cores

(IV) Mumal Handicraft Training Centre

Since 2005, RMKM has been training rural women in different handicrafts, particularly those items already popular among the artisans of Rajasthan. By supporting, training and involving women in the production of a range of traditional and fusion products, mumal would be able to contribute to both the social and economic empowerment of the women artisans.

(V) DAKSHA – Vocational training Centre

RMKM has been running DAKSHA, a vocational training centre for Children with Special Needs.  Its two training centres, in Ajmer and Beawar, run five vocational units teaching deco, woodcraft, vermin composting, and stationery making, and catering to 27 CWSN.