RMKM took precautionary and preventive steps to safeguard its employees 

In addition to the aforementioned immediate steps that RMKM taking to mitigate the risk of the coronavirus spread in the country, it also made sure that its employees are safe too. The office under the direct supervision of the Director took all required preventive and precautionary steps. Some of the initiatives that office took are below: 

  • A COVID-19 policy was circulated to all employees with a do’s and don’ts document.
  • Masks were distributed to all employees and were advised to wear them during the office hours.
  • Hand sanitizers were made available on all workstations.
  • RMKM office was deeply sanitised.
  • During the 21 day lockdown, all employees are allowed to work from home, making sure there is no financial implications for them during these challenging times.

In the words of Mrs. Kshama R Kaushik, Secretary & Chief Functionary, RMKM

This is one of the biggest public health emergencies world-wide and this COVID-19 pandemic will have serious socio-economic consequences. The post-pandemic world will not be the same which we are used to of living. The marginalised sections of society will be the worst affected. It is time that all of us stand together, with each other and the authorities and support in every little way we can. RMKM has always leading in  series of interventions to help the most vulnerable and at risk groups sail through the crisis. Its not the matter of money, what matters most is the support of each other. Let’s stand by with us, rest we will take care of the affected ones to the maximum extent possible.

CORONA Warriors- A Ray of hope for the needy ones:-

(Mr. Tarun Sharma, Mr. Nanulal Prajapati, Mr. RansinghCheeta, Mr. Ishwar Sharma, Mr. Rajendra Sangela, Mr. Sunil Dutt Joshi, Mr. Rakesh Rathi, Mr. Durgesh, Mr. Rajkumar, Ms. Kalpana Chouhan, Ms. Rekha Rawat& teams)

Right from the beginning of the lockdown, these warriors have been tirelessly working for the wellbeing of the vulnerable communities living in rural areas. Helping them receive cooked food and dry rations, the team of RMKM constantly working with the stakeholders, identifying the neediest people. Several daily wage workers, local street vendors, helpers in shops, have been provided cooked food and dry ration, thanks to their efforts.Every day, the team takes a note of 20-30 people in particular area, who haven’t been able to arrange food for themselves. Provide them the dry ration. Thanks to our great supporters and stakeholders for their valuable support with which, RMKM has been able to feed number of families. We salute the spirit of our Corona Warriors.

RMKM’s Frontline soldiers during COVID-19 Pandemic:

Mr. Bhanwar Singh Gaur& Mr. NadanBhati:

Right from the beginning of the lockdown, both of our soldiers have been tirelessly working for the wellbeing of the vulnerable communities living in Ajmer in helping them receive cooked food and dry rations, identifying the neediest people. They are staying in RMKM campus from more than 60 Days and sacrificed their valuable time with family members just for the social cause. Several daily wage workers and other poor rural population have been provided dry ration and other necessary materials, thanks for their efforts.

Every day, they started their journey, heading towards the area of needy persons who haven’t been able to arrange food for themselves. They distributed Ration, Medical support, Masks and other materials. With their support RMKM has been able to contribute towards the help the needy him feed those families. We salute their spirit to keep social cause above personal joys. They are truly the warriors. As a frontline soldier against COVID-19, they were dedicated to work. More than fearing for own safety while carrying out her duties amid the deadly virus outbreak, they were concerned for the needy ones.